Treatments: Six month smiles

A SMILE IN 6 MONTHS, IS IT TRUE? some cases, that is all it takes to get a great  looking result. So why don’t we offer ‘Six Month Smiles’ and ‘Faster Braces’. Well we do, but we don’t.

Unfortunately 'Six Month Smiles' and 'Faster Braces' are two companies who advertise widely and the companies have targeted dentists offering a 1-2 day training course, explaining that people only want to see ‘the social six’ front teeth straight and are not interested in their back teeth and their bite. The dentists have to buy the braces from the companies- funny that! And that’s how they make their money.

The loser in this is the patient as they have their treatment done by someone with severely limited knowledge and experience, who probably has an inability to assess the case properly for whether this is the correct treatment for them.

How do I know this? I have seen first hand the cases incorrectly selected and the bite effects ignored. Sadly if they had come to me first then they could have had all the teeth straightened at a lower cost.

If anyone can straighten your teeth in 6 months or less a Specialist can, and we can tell you if just alignment is the right treatment for you, but we don’t give it a cool name- maybe we should?