Our unique approach

There are 3 aspects to this.

Treatment Solutions

The emphasis here is on accepting that no two patients problems are the same nor are their treatments. I aim to create the best possible solution for you by customising the appliance and your treatment to your unique needs.

Standards and Treatment Duration

The ideal here is the best treatment in the shortest time as this is better for everybody. Presently 90% of patients complete within 18 months. My target is to treat 50% within 12 months. Not as impossible as it seems with modern braces and technology. Like all Orthodontists in the UK we have to measure our treatment standards utilising a special index. This confirms that I am well in excess of the National Standard required.


It is clear that our patients appreciate our caring approach to them. We take a personal interest in as individuals as well as in your orthodontic treatment and we aim to build up a strong and trusting working relationship with them. Indeed many parents bring brothers and sisters to see us once we have successfully treated their older child or themselves and recommend us to their friends and family. This all revolves around one aspect and that is who is doing your treatment. I hope it does not come across as too egotistical but we think that there is no where better for you to seek treatment, this not to say there are not other skilled orthodontists out there but there is more to it than that.