Boutique bleaching

Often the difference between a good smile and a great smile is the whiteness of the teeth. As teeth age they lose their lustre and brightness. The great news is that we have a professional tooth whitening system that can bring back that bright white smile.

How white will my teeth get?
The Boutique tooth whitening system has shown it can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades. Boutique can brighten your teeth dramatically, but not everyone's teeth respond in the same way. Results will vary due to factors such as tooth density, tooth porosity, and lifestyle habits. Most people will brighten their teeth substantially with one treatment.

Am I a good candidate for tooth whitening?
Were your teeth whiter when you were younger, but are yellow now? Are you front teeth healthy, without bonded veneers or caps? If the answer is "yes" to these questions, you are an excellent candidate for whiter teeth.

How does it work?
The gel is applied to your teeth and the Boutique tooth whitening light is positioned over your teeth to activate the gel. After 40 minutes your teeth will be at their brightest. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used in dentistry for over 100 years, and proven to be completely safe.

How long should my whitening last?
Your Boutique smile can last up to 3 years. However, everyone's habits and lifestyles vary and the use of tobacco, regular drinking red wine, coffee, or tea will affect how long your results will last. Frequent visits to your dentist for professional cleaning will help maintain the results. You may wish to use the Boutique treatment frequently, and keep a whiter smile!

Is there any pain or discomfort with this treatment?
There shouldn't be any discomfort. The specially formulated Boutique powder is mixed with peroxide to form a gentle gel. A paint on damn is used to protect your gums from the gel. However, some people may feel mild sensitivity during the procedure.

Is it safe?
YES. The Boutique gel formula will not harm the enamel on your teeth and will not affect your existing fillings. The Boutique product is based on the development of a formulation that is being safely and effectively used in over 5,000 dental surgeries across the world.

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