Why choose a specialist orthodontist?

Whom would you choose to do your orthodontic treatment, someone whom has had specialist training as an orthodontist for 3 years full time or someone without? Someone who has treated 1000’s of orthodontic patients or someone who has treated a few in between their other dental patients? It may seem to be a no brainer to me but the differences are not always clear to the public as any dentist can call themselves an orthodontist and do any orthodontic treatment, all with no further orthodontic training.

Why is this a problem? Well, recently it has become fashionable for some dentists to offer orthodontic treatment privately to adult patients having attended a 1 day or weekend course, usually called Fast Braces, Clear Step and 6 Month Smiles. Their aim is to offer a limited treatment to solely straighten the six front teeth and ignoring the remainder. The British Orthodontic Society have publically distanced themselves from these treatments in the national press, and advise patients to obtain a Specialist opinion before starting any orthodontic treatment.

So if you even if you have already got a treatment offer from a dentist then it’s not too late. Please, please get a second opinion, even if not from me, then one of the other Specialist Orthodontists in Bristol before going ahead, for the following reasons.

  1. Due to the depth of experience we can offer you a full range braces from aligners to fixed braces on the inside of your teeth.
  2. A Specialist Orthodontist can offer you a full range of treatment options suitable to your particular case from the simple to the comprehensive.
  3. A Specialist Orthodontist understand the limitations of what can and can’t be reliably achieved in your case.
  4. A Specialist Orthodontist use the latest techniques and equipment available. Why wouldn’t we?
  5. Cost effective pricing for you, as a specialist practice is highly efficient as it is set up to provide only orthodontic treatment. The Specialist is cheaper, you don’t often hear that!
  6. Faster treatments due to our experience and focus on orthodontic treatment.
  7. The recent increase in litigation over orthodontic treatment is essentially due to dentists attempting orthodontic treatment. As they were deemed not to have sufficient level of training they had not acted in the best interests of the patient and should have made a referral to a Specialist.